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About Virality

Virality is a ecosystem where experts work towards one goal: introducing meritocracy between Influencers and Brands. Our tools help improving the Instagram experience of our users, and they are based upon three grounding blocks: understanding, safety, and fairness

We have approached the Market in the most sophisticated way possible. We made our life hard so that yours could be super easy.

Our tools are based on Artificial Intelligence technology, providing you not only with great tools, but saving you plenty of time in your daily Instagram activities. You will be able to do what until now for many was just a dream: start taking your social choices in a more efficient way.

Our Amazing Core Team

Gianluca Bernardi

Gianluca Bernardi


Leonardo Petrini

Leonardo Petrini


Fabio Benedetti

Fabio Benedetti


Biagio Chirico

Biagio Chirico

Lead Engineer

Our Values

This is a brief summary of our working culture, showing you how we like to get things done!

Our tools aim at providing you with the best analytics of your Instagram account, yet with a very fresh cut. This allows Influencers to handle better their account, while at the same time giving Brands and Agencies a very powerful infrastructure to support them taking the right decisions regarding Influencer Marketing

Our mission goes beyond simple appreciation for Instagram beauty. We want to build an environment in which fairness and integrity is guaranteed to both Influencers and Brands joining our network. As a result, we want our campaigns to be a driver for true value, making sure that the right Influencers and matched with the right Brand


We wanted to make sure that our platform is not only a provider of great tools, but also of safety and trust. This is why all the interactions  are bound within our infrastructure, so that we can ensure great safety in your payments.

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