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Relax, we got you!

Our team will manage the campaign at every stage, from scouting to reporting. You'll only have to approve influencers and content.

In other words, you won't have to worry about a thing. We'll take care of everything! 😌

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Our approach to your campaigns

Strategic Support
Virality workflow: Strategic Support

Strategic Support

You tell us what you want: we help you understand the best way to do it, turning your project into a real strategy.

Brief creation
Virality workflow: Brief creation

Brief creation

Nothing is left to chance: each Influencer will receive a personalized document with all the details of the campaign

Influencer scouting
Virality workflow: Influencer scouting

Influencer scouting

We find the best influencers to get your message to the right audience

Influencer activation
Virality workflow: Influencer activation

Influencer activation

You choose the Influencers and we take care of the bureaucracy! We take care of every administrative and fiscal aspect

Influencer management
Virality workflow: Influencer management

Influencer management

We make sure influencers spread your message and achieve agreed-upon goals

Content approval
Virality workflow: Content approval

Content approval

All we need is your yes: we support you in the process of viewing and approving content produced by influencers to promote your brand

KPIs tracking
Virality workflow: KPIs tracking

KPIs tracking

We don't miss a thing: we monitor the progress of your campaigns in real time and provide you with easy-to-read data reports

  • Instagram


We supported Winelivery in making their app known by driving subscriptions through lifestyle and food influencers

3,3M Reach
70k Interactions
Virality: Food
  • 01 Objective: conversion
  • 02 N° influencers: 4
  • 03 Contents: 33
  • Instagram


For the first digital edition of Maker Faire Rome, we created an influencer marketing campaign with the goal of creating awareness and bringing registrations to the event

800k Reach
14k Interactions
Virality: Technology
  • 01 Objective: conversion
  • 02 N° influencers: 3
  • 03 Contents: 15
  • Instagram


For Acea Energia, we created an influencer marketing campaign with Instagram stories to tell the story of the brand

1,8M Reach
6k Interactions
Virality: Energy
  • 01 Objective: awareness
  • 02 N° influencers: 13
  • 03 Contents: 113

We are ready. Are you?

Let's launch your campaign together! Drop us a message, and we will study the best strategy for your project